Family and friends of the woman brutally beaten in Waianae, last Thursday, speak out asking for answers and justice. Loved ones identified the victim as 31-year-old "Grace." The family did not want to share her last name.

Her younger sister, who also did not want to be named, described Grace has having a big heart and being a fighter.

"She's still fighting and we're just trying to take it day by day and hope that she does pull through," her sister said. 

Her sister told Island News the incident happened around Grace's 31st birthday, which was Wednesday February 28th. Honolulu police say the report came the day after around 1 a.m., on Thursday March 1st. Police believe Grace's boyfriend beat her with a hammer found at the scene, located on Farrington Highway outside an known game room. According to court documents, when police looked at the victim's car, they found "blood on the inside and outside" of her car and "several teeth on the ground."

"He broke her entire face..  He took every single teeth out of her mouth, except for one," Grace's sister said. 

Grace continues to fight for life at Queen's Medical Center. Family and friends tells us they're heartbroken, and are finding it hard to process how someone could do this to their loved one.

"For somebody to do that to her.. it's just hurtful," Grace's friend, Hannah Morimoto said.

"She helped everybody.. She was there for everybody.. I don't understand how-- she didn't deserve this," Kahalale Delima added.

"It just heartbreaking," said her sister. "It's just a lot of questions I have that I wish could be answered."

30-year-old Kristopher Kalani, Grace's boyfriend for about a year, has been charged with attempted murder in the second degree. Just hours after the last Wednesday incident, Kalani turned himself in at the Kapolei Police Station. He remains in custody. 

Court documents reveal this isn't his first run in with the law. Kalani was released from prison last January after serving ten years for a manslaughter case. 

"You know, the first family of the first victim had to struggle through this pain and now we're the second family that has to go through this," Grace's sister said. "He would come to us and fake it and have a smile, but yet he was abusing my sister previously before this incident.. and I would warn her and tell her to leave but she loved him so much to where love blinded her."

Grace's family is reminding victim's of domestic violence to never be afraid to seek help.

"Once it starts happening speak up, immediately, so that it can stop," Morimoto said.

The family tells Island News they forgive and will continue to pray for justice. Kalani is expected to be back in court tomorrow. 

"Right now, we are relying on our justice system to take care of this problem cause as of this point there is nothing more we can do," Grace's friend, Ikaika Sylva said. 

"I just hope and pray that justice gets served," her sister added.