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Waikiki residents rattled after pedestrians struck

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WAIKIKI, Hawaii -

With Hawaii's tourism stats setting records, business has been exceptionally good for many in Waikiki.

People filled Kalakaua and Royal Hawaiian Avenue for a much different reason Thursday night. Witnesses say three women ages 62, 67 and 86 were crossing the street when the back end of an 'Oli'Oli bus struck them

They were last listed in serious condition. The driver was not arrested. 

Travel Plaza Transportation released a statement:

"Our initial investigation shows that the trolley driver was following the traffic rules properly. He was turning left on the green light from the left lane of Royal Hawaiian Avenue onto the middle lane of Kalakaua Avenue. The pedestrian signal was red in all directions. Immediately when the driver realized the three pedestrians had made contact with the rear of the trolley, he stopped, called the police and provided assistance. We are cooperating fully with the Honolulu Police Department as they complete their investigation. We are relieved that two of the pedestrians involved do not appear to have suffered injuries but are saddened that the third pedestrian will need medical care to recover from her injuries."

Waikiki Neighborhood board member Jeffrey Merz says the incident is a reminder both pedestrians and vehicles need to be more vigilant.

"It's an urban environment, Waikiki. Slow down, you have to put pedestrians first because a lot of pedestrians are from many different countries where they walk on the left side of the road, it's very complicated," Merz said. 

Nanci Tischler and her husband arrived from Vegas Thursday and have already seen some pedestrians fail to pay attention.   

"You're in a tourist area so people are walking leisurely. As drivers, we were like OK trying to make the turn, but this lady has no idea what's going on, so you have those pedestrians that are unaware. I think that makes it harder for everybody," Tischler said. 

Ashley Williams and her friends are visiting from New York where she says conditions there are much more dangerous. 

"Even though you have the red light, you have cars that's turning into that street that has the green light so you still have to watch out for cars. Whereas here, you have a four-way crossing system so all cars are at a halt," Williams said. 

Proposals by community members are in the works to reduce the speed limit along Kalakaua ave.

Their message to drivers: proceed with caution. 

"It's also a residential neighborhood, it's not just about the big hotels and tourism, it's a residential neighborhood: people walking their dogs, kids playing," Merz said. 

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