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Red Cross Month honors heroes with a new ride

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Across the nation, the American Red Cross is honoring its everyday heroes during Red Cross Month.

March has been recognized as Red Cross Month for over 70 years, but this year it’s especially important to Hawaii.

“We are very excited to have a next generation ERV, which is an emergency response vehicle.” Said Coralie Matayoshi, CEO of the Hawaii Red Cross.

Donations from the local community made it all possible.  Matayoshi says after 13 years of their old vehicles service, the new resource is welcomed with open arms.

"It was like a box truck. People weren't able to go inside and sit down.” Explained Matayoshi, “So, people were out in the elements and on the side walk. Our volunteers were outside with their clipboards and their headlamps."

Now with the additional space, volunteers have a safe place to offer physical and emotional support to clients. The ERV also requires less maintenance and is more fuel efficient.

"It's just going to be able to help us preposition disaster supplies like cots and blankets, pre-landfall for a hurricane." Said Matayoshi.

The emergency response vehicle also comes equipped with 12 cambros used to hold hot or cold food.

“We can go through the neighborhoods, we have a loud speaker and can say hey there's hot food if people are all flooded out, or else we can serve it at the shelter itself."

The ERV comes with a GPS system that's also a communication device so the American Cross Headquarters can keep track of where each is located across the country.

Anyone interested in joining the organization or making a donation can sign up here.

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