The east meets west at the East West Center in Manoa Monday. 

Three monks from Bhutan in South Asia poured grains of colored sand to create an intricate piece as part of the center's art exhibition on "Bhutan: Gross National Happiness".

The sand mandala uses grains of sand to create a specific shape. This piece is a visualization of the Himalayan Buddhist Cosmos.       

Six monks back in Bhutan, spent eight hours every day for one week, crushing and grinding lime stones to create the colored sand for this exhibit.   

When the mandala is finished, the sand is swept up and thrown into a river. The message behind destroying the mandala is to show that nothing is permanent.  

“The whole act of making something very beautiful and then wiping it off is impermanence and detachment and not getting too attached therefore, at the end of the day, compassion is important for everybody," Lopen Kinley Penjor, visiting master mandala artist said through translator Thinley Choden, East West Center Alumna.

The mandala will be completed by the end of the week and you can see it on display inside the East West Center Gallery through May 27.