Honolulu Police Commission has a new leader and she's already promising change. 

Attorney Lorretta Sheehan was just elected as the new chairwoman. 

Max Sword was the chairman since December 2016, until Sheehan was voted in unanimously Wednesday afternoon.

Sword announced during today's meeting he would not seek re-election as chairman.

Although, he will remain on the board. 

Sheehan is an attorney at Davis Levin Livingston and a former Honolulu deputy prosecuting attorney.

She was among the first to call for a corruption investigation into Louis Kealoha when he was Police Chief and she was the lone commissioner voting "no" to his $250,000 severance package.    

Sheehan says she's eager to "usher in change". 

"It is my hope that we're moving towards greater transparency. I don't know that the law is going to change any time soon, but the way we operate certainly, we want it to be. I want it to be as transparent as possible and I think Chief Ballard does, as well," Sheehan said. 

Mayor Kirk Caldwell appointed Sheehan to the Honolulu Police Commission in June 2016. 

Retired Hawaii Supreme Court Associate Justice, Steven Levinson was elected as the vice chairman.