From Downtown Honolulu, elite runners led the way in the 34th annual Great Aloha Run Monday morning. 

The 8.1 mile journey takes them down Nimitz Highway through Honolulu and finally, across the finish line at Aloha Stadium. 

Sabrina Lopez was the first woman to finish. 

"It was amazing. I was a little nervous at the start line because it's my first race of the season. Then I just went out there, competed, had fun," Lopez said. 

Casey Emmons wasn't competing against the clock today, his run was much more personal. Emmons collapsed and had a heart attack after crossing the finish line in 2016. 

"I just never thought I'd see this moment again, especially after my heart attack. I thought I'd never be running again and it's just a lot of emotions, I feel really great. Being able to cross that line one more time, there's nothing like it," Emmons said. 

On a holiday when lots of people sleep in, others chose to push themselves.

This is a training run for some and a family run for others.

"I think it's a great event for me and my son. He did track, so I wanted to introduce him to long distance," Sheryl Daugherty, a runner said. 

The overall feel for the event is right in the title: Aloha.

"I run a lot of 5Ks, 10Ks, and I've never seen so many people in the community outside and enjoying the environment. That was probably the best part of the whole atmosphere. I had to take my headphones off just to enjoy it all," Carlos Techera, another runner said. 

This year's run raised an estimated $350,000 for local charities and the military.