MOANALUA - Police arrested a woman accused of stabbing her husband to death in Moanalua Sunday night.

It happened around 11:15 p.m., inside the Moanalua Hillside Apartments on Ala Kapuna Street.

“It makes you kind of scared, because you don't know what’s happening you know. It’s in your own complex, it’s in your own home area.” Said a resident of the apartment complex, Mapuana Tuli.

23-year-old Evelin Iturbide was arrested on suspicion of killing her 24-year-old husband, but has not yet been charged.

Emergency Medical Services rushed him to the hospital in critical condition where he was later pronounced dead.

The stabbing follows three other homicides on Oahu that occurred in January.

According to the Honolulu Police Department, there were 27 homicides reported on the island last year.

That’s compared to just 16 in 2016.
“There’s no trend.  It’s not like we have any type of gang warfare or certain locations.  These things happen all over.  They were pretty much unconnected.  Each case was unique in itself with the circumstances that led to it.” Explained John McCarthy, Deputy Chief with the Honolulu Police Department.

HPD explained some came in high-profile areas, like Waikiki which saw a 400% rise.  Most cases were not random.

“Two-thirds of those cases the victim and the suspect had some sort of relationship, the knew each other.” Said McCarthy.

Although the homicide rates were the highest the state’s seen in years, HPD explained the numbers are actually low compared to other places in the country. 

The suspect in the Moanalua stabbing doesn't show any history of criminal activity. Police say they're investigating the incident as a second-degree murder case.