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Man finds his lost wedding ring during flood clean-up in Kahaluu

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As Laetitia Atlantis mopped the floors Monday afternoon at Sunshine Arts Gallery, she is keeping things in perspective.

"We saved the art, which is important, and now it's just cleaning up, pine-sol is going to smell like pine-sol that's for sure," said Atlantis. 

Atlantis said at one point, the gallery was filled with 10-inches of water. Atlantis said it took three people 20-minutes to get about 200 pieces of artwork out of harm's way.

"Yesterday, I was here for 14-hours, cleaning, because we cleaned one room and the flood came back again, so we stayed till 9 o'clock last night," said Atlantis.  

Kyle Lawes also works at Sunshine Arts Gallery, he was there to help with clean-up Monday afternoon. 

"We are going to need to repair the floors, maybe new higher shelves just in case, because it seems like every time precautions are made to meet with the last flood standards it becomes even worse," said Lawes. 

While Atlantis and Lawes worked inside the gallery, Jim Franklin was outside. Franklin said while he was helping save the art on Sunday, he lost something precious as he laid down cinder blocks outside the gallery.

"I raised my hand for some reason, and I looked and I thought 'oh my god, my wedding ring is gone,'" said Franklin.  

Franklin said he noticed the ring was lost Sunday as he was talking to his wife who is traveling overseas  but Franklin got another surprise, when it was time to put the blocks away Monday. 

"This morning I get up, I start to clean up, and moving the blocks, and I walked over here and I picked up one block and I picked up another, and I picked up another and there's my wedding ring! It fell inside the block!" said Franklin.  

It was a close call for Franklin, but across the alley, Maxim Cudreasov was not as lucky.

"There was no way we could leave or save our car at all, because it was over our tires," said Cudreasov. 

Cudreasov's car flooded out, insurance will come by to look at it Tuesday. The flood also damaged a wall behind his home.  His home was also flooded, but he still offered to help the gallery next door. 

"You give some you get some back, so we were just trying to help them out, we're still neighbors," said Cudreasov.      

As Atlantis and her colleagues continue to clean-up, she said it's the price they pay for having an art gallery by the ocean. If all goes well with clean-up, Atlantis said she hopes to reopen no later than Wednesday. 

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