The school shooting in Florida on Wednesday had social media shaken up.

Trending hashtags, like #GunReformNow, Republic of Florida, Nikolas Cruz, and Obama-era were all over Twitter.

Obama-era was another topic people were discussing-bringing up how last February Trump reversed a regulation that made it harder for the mentally ill to get their hands on a gun.

Facebook followers had a lot to say about Trump's address, and not mentioning guns:

  • Grace Enos: We need both!! More help for the mentally ill and no more AR-15!! All this president does is play to his base! And didn't he just sign something to make it easier to get guns. 
  • Kirk French: He's absolutely right
  • Ash Mackinnon: Just try it. Ban guns. Ban bullets. At least try something!

When the AP article was posted about how the shooter, Nikolas Cruz was "remorseful," our audience said this:

  • Melissa Moniz: Probably not as sad as the parents who will never hug their children again.
  • Sara-Terina Afalava: No he's not!! He planned this! He's written about it, spoke about it. He is not remorseful!

The shooter was pretty open about his plans, posting creepy pictures on his Instagram. He even made a comment on a Youtube video saying "I'm going to be a professional school shooter."

If you see something fishy on the web, report it!