HONOLULU - A plan to put an end to monster homes is in the works by both the city council and the Department of Planning and Permitting.

The council is considering "Bill 1-10," that puts a stop to those so-called "Monster Homes" for two years, while the Department of Planning and Permitting is re-writing rules for large detached dwellings exceeding a required floor-to-area ratio.  

With the bill, comes testimony both for and against the idea.  Some say that builders of these home are cutting corners around laws already in place.  Others say we need to take a step back.

A final vote was expected in a special meeting Tuesday. Instead the city council backed off adding several amendments like the amount of bathrooms in homes. 

Council Chair Ron Menor says he believes the new amendments need to be further looked at before decisions are made.

"Given the far reaching impact of the measures that we are considering. I think that the responsible thing for the council to do would be to allow the public to have additional time to review these proposed amendments to give it further vetting," said Menor.
The way the bill is currently written could negatively affect people wanting to simply add extensions to their homes. Others who've built large detached dwellings, claim its for multi-generational families. 

Menor calls it a "complex issue," and looking for the appropriate balance ensuring what is done is in the best interest of each community, is difficult.

"Clearly we want to pass a law, an effective moratorium that is going to prohibit inappropriate, undesirable large scale dwellings that are violating the law, but at the same token we don't want to also prohibit the large scale dwellings that meet the family needs in various communities and where these homes are acceptable," Menor said.

Menor remains optimistic and believes the bill will pass during the final vote.