HONOLULU - Most roses don't last very long.

That's why students at the Honolulu Community College are bringing back the "forever rose."

They make them every year for Valentine's Day and spend days molding them together.

These students are also studying Sheet Metal and Plastic Technology, where they make the roses.

One of the students tells Island News, hard work and patience are qualities you need to create a "forever rose."

Instructor Danny Aiu says, the rose can go to anyone you love whether it's for Valentine's day, Mother's day or simply someone special.

"A few years ago, one of the students and his friend died in a car crash. He wanted to have that because he wanted to remember his friend forever," Danny Aiu, sheet metal and plastic technology instructor said. 

Proceeds from the sale of forever roses go back to the program and their final project, a stainless steel hibachi grill.