There was no shortage of cannabis healing remedies at the third annual Cannabis Expo Friday at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center. 

The products contain cannabis, another name for Marijuana, but did not contain THC - the psychoactive part that makes people feel high.

Cannabis products designed for recreation as well as for medicinal purposes are available at Hawaii's few dispensaries if you have a prescription. 

Many advocates believe Hawaii's dispensaries are over regulated. 

"The biggest problem is how restrictive the legislation has been. We'd like to see our legislatures be more open, more progressive and encourage diverse commerce," Christopher Garth, Hawaii Dispensary Alliance said. 

Currently, Hawaii laws require a vertical approach, requiring its eight dispensaries to grow, manufacture and retail their marijuana product. 

Garth says the vertical system hampers competition and limits the market.  

"We need better products, and we need more competition, which ultimately leads to innovation and cheaper prices," Garth said. 

Many say the vertical system and the government's "seed to sale" tracking ensures a safer product.

"Hawaii has one of the most regulated cannabis industries, which makes it difficult but it also makes it one of the safest," Helen Cho, an expo vendor said. 

Cho says that cannabis may not be right for everyone but it is important for people to have natural alternatives to manage their pain. She also says the use of cannabis can actually help mitigate other drug epidemics. 

The expo continues throughout the weekend.