On any given Thursday, Hanauma Bay would be packed with visitors.

But it sits empty today, after high levels of bacteria were detected in the water.

While many saw the signs out front and turned around, others took their chances, only to be stopped by more signs, signaling the bay's closure. 

The Department of Health issued the water quality alert as a precaution after waters at Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach Park and Waimanalo Beach Park were above the normal safe threshold of enterococci. 

Hanauma Bay and Sandy's showed nearly three to four times the acceptable level .

State health officials say swimming in the water can cause sickness, especially for children, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system.

In this case, safety comes before money too. The city says there is an daily revenue of $14,500 from the 2,000 visitors who snorkel, swim and enjoy the view this time of year.

But the view was the only thing to enjoy today. 

"We've got picture that we can look at and say we're going back there, this won't be our last trip, we'll be back," A visitor from Canada said. 

Department of Health re-tested the waters today but says those results won't be available until Friday.