HONOLULU - Protecting the future of the state was at the top of the menu for many in attendance, including Big Island surfer and filmmaker, Allison Teal.

"I mean literally almost half of our reefs, since 2011 are gone in Hawaii. They're dead. And that can be really scary and you don't want to ruin tourism in Hawaii.  We want people to come visit this beautiful place," said Teal.

Talking story across the dinner table at Mahina and Sun's, the sustainable seafood eatery at the Surfjack in Waikiki. 

Aqua-Aston Hospitality owns three dozen hotels, a majority of them Hawaii.  They recently partnered with all natural sunscreen company, Raw Elements, to focus on maintaining a sustainable future for both tourists and locals.

"We provide our guest with reef safe sunscreen dispensers free of use."

"Hopefully this is a way that someone seeing that dispenser says, wait wait a minute there's and then they read the board and its like reef safe."

But the "Reef Safe Initiative" goes beyond sunscreen.  

"Having our hotels green certified, eliminating plastics, introducing eco kits to our guest to help them have sustainable stay," said Theresa Van Greunenname of Aqua-Aston Hospitality.

It's initiatives like the sunscreen, beach clean-ups, and locally sourced food that brings organizations together, including Sustainable Coastlines to work toward a sustainable Hawaii.