HONOLULU - Who leaked it ?

The state auditor is urging the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to conduct their own investigation to find out how a confidential document landed in the hands of media outlets. 

State auditor Les Kondo filed a complaint with the state's ethics commission after someone leaked a draft audit of OHA.

The sensitive document contained details about the agency's misuse of millions of dollars which detailed questionable spending - anything from fancy dinners to flight upgrades. 

Kondo says the leak didn't come from the auditor's office after screening each computer.  

Kondo hopes the commission will investigate what he calls a violation of trust within OHA.

"The employee or the trustee or whomever leaked the draft report- it wasn't authorized. That to me is the reason why in this case, there are ethics code issues, it's confidential information not regularly available to the public," Kondo said. 

Reiterating its statement last night- OHA expressed disappointment with the unauthorized release and says it has already begun an inquiry into the release of the draft audit and will fully cooperate with the State Auditor and the State Ethics Commission regarding this matter.  

Kondo says the final version of the audit is expected to be released in a few weeks.