PEARL CITY, Hawaii - Joey Samante saw and heard a fire as he ran outside of his Amo'omo'o Street home just before 3 a.m. Friday morning. 

He captured cellphone video as fire swept through his next door neighbor's home.

The fire melted power lines and creeping dangerously close to his family's home.

"I quickly ran out, woke up my siblings first and my dogs and I told them, you guys gotta get out now, we gotta get out now because it's going to reach us," Joey Samante, resident on Amo'omo'o Street said. 

Samante and his family made it out safely. They watched as 12 units and 43 firefighters worked to get the fire under control. Inside, they found the bodies of what appear to be a man and woman.

"Unconfirmed that there's one other occupant. But I think that's all the people who were home at the time, were the two that were in there. We did have one female related to incident that was transported to a local hospital for possible smoke inhalation," Alan Carvahlo, battalion chief, Honolulu Fire Dept. said. 

The fire leveled the home it started in and torched several of the cars parked out front. 

It even spread to Samante's home which he says is now unlivable. He's grateful he's okay but saddened and shocked about his neighbors. 

"After we ran out the street, I was thinking about my neighbors like I hope they're out, I hope they're safe. I was praying to God like, God protect them, keep them safe. Because I looked at the fire and it was kind of an impossible outcome," Samante said.