HONOLULU - Reaction to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs audit, was mixed in the native-Hawaiian communities. 

Brendon Kale'aina Lee has his eyes on becoming OHA's next trustee at large in the upcoming election. He says the release of the agency's scathing draft audit- motivates him even more. 

"I was appalled and disgusted that state funds and beneficiary funds would be wasted in such a manner," Lee said. 

Lee says the agency's questionable spending is unacceptable and is a disservice to the native Hawaiian community.

"Covering your own the trustee's own bank accounts because they're allowed to deposit their discretionary fund checks into their own personal bank accounts, I don't understand how these people are allowed to operate like this," Lee said. 

DeMont Conner points out while dysfunction at OHA is nothing new- he commends the agency for attempting to tackle some issues the past few years. But adds the portion of the draft audit listing hundreds of dollars paid for fees accrued from lawsuits between OHA trustees.

"One, we shouldn't be suing each other. It's not Hawaiian... We need to get to a place where the people running OHA can work together and if you got an issue find a more culturally proper way to resolve it," Conner said.