The emotions are raw for Alexandria Duval, as attorneys recount the crash that killed her twin sister Anastasia.

A drive on Maui's winding Hana Highway in 2016 is the focal point. That was when witnesses say they saw the sisters fighting inside the car just before it veered off the cliff.

"When I passed them, cuz they were almost gonna hit me and I looked at them, and they were going like this with their hands up," Chad Smith, witness said. 

Prosecuting Attorney Emlyn Higa says this was deliberate. It was murder, citing one witness account.

"He watched the SUV accelerate down the road. He said he saw it driving in a normal straight pattern, until it suddenly jerked to the left and went over the cliff," Higa said. 

Duval's Birney Bervar says not only is she not guilty. If anything, she was the victim.  

"The passenger was violently pulling my client's hair with both of her hands. Pulling it so hard, it was jerking her head over toward the passenger's side seat. In fact, the evidence in this case is going to prove that it was in fact a tragic accident," Bervar said. 

Day one of court wrapped up and Alexandria agreed to waive her right to a jury trial, leaving her fate in the judge's hands.