HONOLULU - Hawaii's own Bruno Mars snagged seven awards at Sunday night's 60th annual Grammy Awards. It was a jaw dropping night for the Oahu native.

At last night's star studded event in New York City, Bruno Mars was king. The 32-year-old took home awards from the Grammy's top three major categories.

His father couldn't have been prouder. 

"As the night was going on and on and on and he was winning, I was getting so excited like wow he might just sweep this and when he did, I was just floored," Peter Hernandez, Mar's father said. 

Hernandez was supposed to be with his son at the awards but missed his flight and had to watch it from home, Mars kept texting him from the show.

"We were going back-and-forth. Son, you're so blessed, I love you and he's like I love you too dad, wish you were here," Hernandez said. 

Hernandez says last night's win whisked him back to Mars' early days on stage in Waikiki. 

Entertaining crowds inside those showrooms through the years would help ignite the megastar's love of music.

Magic of Polynesia Magician John Hirokawa, recalls Mars' finesse on stage in those days.

"People dancing on the people and jumping up and down, chanting and cheering, and going on stage and just going fanatical when he's singing," Hirokawa said.

Mars also left his mark at his high school Alma mater. The Roosevelt alum gifted the school an autographed guitar. Many still recall his Aloha spirit.

"He was very very positive and always smiling so the person you see on TV, that's the same person that we know. He would always try and get people involved if the person who might've been sitting alone he would bring that person in and talk stories with that person in class," Cary Kano, a teacher at Roosevelt High School said. 

With numerous Grammy's under his belt, Hernandez says Mars has dreams about the silver screen. 

"He's just waiting for the right role and I'm hoping. We've talked about it, different roles I'm hoping that it will be his own story," he said. 

Through it all, he still clings to his island roots. 

"Hawaii will always be home to him, his sisters are here, he set them all up with beautiful homes. The memory of his mom I know she's looking down and smiling on her son and I know she still with him and his heart," Hernandez said.