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Hawaii woman, now Illinois senator, getting positive feedback from island political peers on pregnancy news

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Being a parent is tough enough, try doing it while in politics.

Hawaii woman, now Illinois Senator, Tammy Duckworth, rolled out with news of her second pregnancy.

She is getting positive feedback from her political peers in the islands.

This isn't the McKinley grad turned war hero's first child, but it's a first for America. Duckworth is the first sitting Senator to ever have a baby while in office.

"That's something that I think is really exciting because women have been making great strides in all different fields," Rep. Lauren Matsumoto said. 

Her news is reaching political leaders in the Pacific and inspiring women at work.

"I would say it makes you a well rounded, more empathetic legislator. To know all those struggles that moms go through and to legislate law based upon your perspective," Rep. Andria Tupola said. 

Some see it as even more, shattering the stay-at-home mom stigma.

"I think this is gonna set an example and really change that culture. It's already changing, this is just the next step that's needed. This is the sort of thing that will push that needle towards true equality," Rep. Kaniela Ing said. 

A display of a woman's determination and duty to her county and her family.

"It's great, we're seeing a lot of young women come up and being able to have a full time careers, make a difference in their community but also be great moms," Matsumoto said. 

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