KALIHI, Hawaii - Parents of students at Kalakaua Middle School are asking for better communication from the administration.  

It's a reaction to an alleged kidnapping after school Tuesday.

Police say a 13-year-old girl managed to escape after being taken by two men.

The Hawaii Department of Education says it didn't find out the girl was a student at Kalakaua Middle until Wednesday afternoon. 

Shortly after an announcement was made on the school's PA system, students were given a letter for their parents. 

Full letter: 

The letter also states at least one other student was approached by a black van that same morning.

Some parents told Island News Thursday, they should've been notified earlier.

"I know they have the means to send out mass phone calls about school programs and events, they should do the same with the dangerous that our children are in," Joanna Pasion, son attends Kalakaua Middle School said. 

"I just seen it on TV because we watch the news and I learned that a kid was kidnapped in Kalihi, that's about it. I did not know it was Kalakaua School," Emma Boc, another parent said. 

The case is now in the hands of HPD's Major Crimes Unit.

DOE released a statement, saying school administrators immediately met with the Honolulu Police to confirm what happened. Depending on the severity of the situation and available resources, it's a DOE decision to notify parents.