HONOLULU - A lawmaker stormed out during Friday's senate and house briefing at the State Capitol.

The rules: each of the 31 lawmakers was allowed to ask one question each to Governor David Ige and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.

Representative Gene Ward had more.

"This is a national tragedy. You're rushing this and I think you're putting misplaced priorities on a priority where the nation is looking at us. If we don't get these answers *over talked* I've waited for an hour and a half. I've got two quick questions, please make it timely," Ward said. 

Ward asked HI-EMA, who said it needed federal permission to retract an alert. 

Administrator Vern Miyagi said he mis-interpreted the instructions. 

When Ward tried to follow up with another question, he was cut off - per the rules and stormed out of the briefing.