For 52-year-old Tressy Chan, the pathway to health didn't always come easy.

"I would eat unhealthy going to work and coming home... I ate chocolate, candy and dessert seven days a week and I used to drink soda, like as soon as I wake up in the morning," Chan said. 

A daily commuter, Chan spent most of her time sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. On top of that, she says she would never exercise, and adds her unhealthy habits caused simple tasks to become difficult. 

"A couple of times, I would do stairs and I would just be so out of breath.. I just wanted to fall," Chan said. 

Chan admits at times, she didn't even want to leave her house, or do anything outdoors-related. It wasn't until she got a call from her doctor with news that completely changed her outlook.

"My doctor called me up and said he ran some blood test and he said, "Did you know you can have a stroke any day now? .. I didn't realize that my health was that bad," Chan said. 

As a mother of two, the first thing that ran through her mind was her children.

"I thought about them and you know, I need to live," Chan said. 

Doctors say because of her weight she suffered from many chronic health conditions including sleep apnea, diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol.

Chan says she tried more than a dozen diets, but nothing seemed to work. 

"I lost some weight on some of them but I ended up gaining it all back," she said.

In April 2016, she joined Hawaii Pacific Health's 360° Weight Management Center at Pali Momi Medical Center. Months later, she chose to have bariatric surgery, otherwise known as a gastric bypass. 

"There are risk but many studies have shown that by doing nothing, your risks are ten times greater of complications of their own weight than having the surgery," Dr. Grief said.

"This is not an easy way out, this is the last resort and this is not just a cosmetic to get skinny, it's to get healthy, registered nurse, Maria added.  She wanted to take care of her diabetes and other medical conditions and just make sure that she's there for her child."

Since her surgery, Chan says she lost 75 pounds and is now off all of her medications. She credits the program for saving her life.

"My son tells me mommy, I can't find you cause you're so skinny," Chan said. "It's so easy to get yourself in that situation and if you are, take care of it, don't let it go on, I'm so happy, the happiest I could be in my life."

Healthier and happier than ever, Chan has changed her eating habits. She now makes time for exercises and experiences.

"Now I can run. I can jump. I did zip lining in Las Vegas.. and I never thought I could do any of those things," she said. "I love to go on the scale."

Chan has one regret: that she didn't do this sooner. Now, she gives back as a speaker for the program, sharing her success story with others. 

For more information about Hawaii Pacific Health's 360° Weight Management Center, click here