HONOLULU - Island News has confirmed a former hula student who filed for a trade name overseas to match her former teacher's halau has withdrawn that filing. 

Formal documents just released show Sawako Van Osdol withdrew her application for ownership of the name Halau Ka Liko Pua O Kalaniakea in Japan. 

Kumu Hula Kapua Dalire Moe founded the halau in 2003.

Last month, she told Island News she was worried she may have to change her group's name due to Van Osdol's filing.

Since first running that story, Island News has learned Dalire-Moe filed her own trade name in Japan, and actually did so before Van Osdol.

Dalire-Moe told Island News Friday she did so after Van Osdol left her halau and refused to sign an agreement stating she would not utilize the group's choreography and name.  

Dalire-Moe says "because of the manner in which Sawako left, I was advised to protect my halau name by submitting a trade name application in Japan. Trade name law in Japan typically awards ownership of a name to whichever party files first."

She went on to say even after the filing... she "genuinely feared that Kalaniakea may need to change its name", saying "I did not understand Japanese law and the advantages of filing a trade name application first."

In December, Van Osdol said she filed for the trade name "for the benefit" of her former teacher, to prevent anyone else from registering that name.

Island news reached out to Van Osdol's attorney for further comment today, but he declined.