Now, we're seeing it from HFD's perspective.

Video taken by firefighters inside the Marco Polo condos three days after July's deadly fire, takes us through the 26th, 27th and 28th floors.

Apartments gutted, sometimes you look right through multiple apartments, all just charred rubble.

Some apartments were intact. Fire fighters told Island News, those had closed doors that blocked ventilation and kept the flames from spreading into their unit.

The same hallways were in pitch black but also filled with smoke as flames closed in on firefighters.

Audio from fire dispatch: 

"From fire dispatch we have caller from 2614 reporting trapped. Copy that 2614 is that correct. That is correct 2614. Occupant reporting smoke entering unit. One victim trapped."

Honolulu Fire Captain Scot Seguirant said the fire was "overwhelmingly challenging" and he praises firefighters on their calm and methodical communication. 

He says in the midst of a noisy, raging fire, while climbing stairs and breaking down doors - clear communication isn't always easy. 

But it's necessary.

The transmissions are minute-by-minute and tactical.

"Fire investigator has requested that we got someone to cut power on the 26th floor. Around the 2603 unit. We also have at least two water pipes leaking on this floor. They were thinking get it shut down to minimize water damage."

There were moments in these transmissions when they feared fellow firefighters were lost.  

There were also moments when they knew some residents had died.  

Through it all... focus, determination and the fiercest fight they'll probably ever encounter.

Captain Seguirant added although firefighters did an excellent job, it's hard to get over the fact that four people died. 

He says the best insurance policy against another deadly fire is to have sprinkler systems in all the buildings. That is to be decided by the City Council.