A surfer bitten by a shark off Laniakea Beach New Year's Eve was released from the hospital Monday.

“Surreal” is the only way  54-year-old Marjorie Mariano can describe her last surf session of 2017.  What she describes as a beautiful night suddenly took an ugly turn.

“I felt kind of like a warm feeling that something approached.  Something big, but I didn’t see any fin coming.” Said Mariano. “I turned back and I looked at the face of the shark…It was eye to eye.  I felt like we both looked into each other’s eyes.”

Instinctively, she flipped her board sideways for protection as she kicked her leg out of the shark's grip. Good samaritans called 911 from the water and helped Mariano to shore.

The shark tore through the nerve of her left leg, which doctors sewed back together.

Mariano says she's best friends with recent murder victim Telma Boinville, and calls her a guardian angel that night. 

“I felt her connection.  I felt she was there surfing with me.  I know she helped me to fight the shark.” Explained a tearful Mariano.

Although doctors say it's too early to tell if she'll ever surf again, there’s no doubt in Mariano’s mind that she'll soon be back in the water.

“I’m very determined and it’s very important not to drop the ball.  Life goes on and I’m very overwhelmed and thank God that I’m here.” said Mariano.