Sometimes it takes a brave onlooker to stop a thief from getting away. That's exactly what tourist Diane Ogilvie told Island News happened when a man stole her phone in Waikiki on Tuesday afternoon. She says a woman nearby quickly jumped into action and help stop the alleged thief in his tracks. That "Good Samaritan" is now being called 'Wonder Woman' after a picture of her went viral on social media.

"I was just blown away.. I mean first of all she's in a dress and like wedged heels.. and she chased the guy down and recovered the phone.. she's such a superhero," witness and photographer, Jenna Lee Mauro said.

"She was just amazing, " Ogilvie added.

Ogilvie says she was sitting in front of Longs Drugs store along Kalakaua Avenue on Tuesday afternoon, when a man came up to her husband's mobility scooter parked beside her and took their cell phone right out of the front basket. 

"He looked at me and I said, 'Put it down it's not yours it's my husbands..' and he smiled and he immediately started running across the street, so I started yelling," Ogilvie said. 

"She was like, 'Oh, My phone.. My phone.. My phone," Good Samaritan, Crystal Palacios added.

Palacios was working across the street when she says she saw the incident unfolding before her, and the alleged thief take off with the Ogilvie's husband's cell phone in his hand.

"I'm like .. 'Uh uh'.. This is not going down right now .. so I stepped in front [of the suspect] and was like, 'Give me the phone' and he goes, 'Try take it from me," Palacios said. 

Without hesitation, she says she grabbed a hold of the alleged thief's shirt to prevent him from running away. 

"He tried to push me off and stumbled.. and his slipper fell off and he got down to the alley way and I was like, 'Grab him.. Grab him,'" she added.

That's when Palacios told Island News another pair of Good Samaritans also jumped into action, and stopped the suspect-- recovering not one, but two stolen phones that were later returned to its rightful owners. And in the midst of it all, photographer Mauro captured a picture of Palacios that's since gone viral on social media.

 "Just like out of nowhere there was this beautiful powerful woman just like storming across the street.. all traffic stopped and she had this cell phone in her hand and returned it to the older woman in the wheelchair," Mauro told said. "It was just so incredible .. I couldn't believe it so I had to take a photo of it."

 "I thought it was extremely positive that people would immediately come to my assistance.. It speaks well for Waikiki,"  Ogilvie added. 

As for Palacios, the Good Samaritan many on Facebook are now calling "Wonder Woman," she says she just hopes her act of braveness and kindness will inspire others in the community to do the step up and do the same for people in need. 

"Especially when you see something wrong.. even if it's a tourist or even it's somebody that your don't know its always good to step in a lend a helping hand for anybody," Palacios told Island News. 

According to Palacios, the alleged thief in this case eventually ran off after he was caught. He is described as a 30 or 40s, around 5' 7'' or 5' 8'' in height, with dark brown hair, and was last seen wearing a black shirt.