A video posted to Facebook early Monday morning shows four cars recklessly drifting and doing donuts on the H-1 Freeway while fireworks go off in the background on New Year's Eve. 

In the video, cheers can be heard as the cars burn rubber on the road.  Some cars even stopped in the middle of the freeway to watch the spectacle.

Tracy Arakaki with Punish'Um Motorsports, says the video is appalling, but not surprising.

“There’s no place legally for anyone to do any of those type of motorsport activities here on the island.” Explained Arakaki.

He says in order to cut down on this type of activity, the state should allow a legal racetrack on Oahu.  He says Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island have all received millions for racing facilities.

“Kauai in 2013 received $1.3 million and they are on the Department of Land and Natural Resources land.  Maui received $2 million this past legislative session and they’re undergoing their renovation right now.” Explained Arakaki.

According to Arakaki, it's been years since Oahu had a place to let drivers safely and legally tame their need for speed.

We had events at the stadium that ended back in 2009. he explained.

Before that, Hawaii Raceway Park allowed legal racing but closed down 12 years ago.

The Honolulu Police Department released a statement on the video saying, “The drivers in the video jeopardized their own safety as well as the safety of everyone else in the area.  If officers had witnessed the incident, the drivers could have been cited or arrested for reckless driving and other traffic violations.  Anyone from the public who sees this type of activity should call 911 immediately to report the location, vehicle descriptions (including license plates, if possible) and driver descriptions.”