A Mililani family is shaken after a brazen New Year's Eve home invasion.

Iwalani Walsh Tseu says around 6:30 Sunday night, four masked men entered her home through an open back door.

Daughter Aureana Tseu walked around a corner in the home and that's when she says she saw a man with a long gun pointed at her.

She said another man grabbed her. "He put his hand over my mouth and said 'don't make a sound.' He shoved me to the ground, put a pillow on my head, put the gun on my back. He said, 'You heard that popping? I will shoot if you make a sound, and no one will know the difference."

Iwalani Tseu heard her daughter scream. When she came out of her bedroom, she said there was a gun pointed at her face. Soon she was also on the ground, tied up, along with her daughter and niece. 

One of the suspects talked to her, saying "'Show me the jewelry. Show me money. Jewelry.' I said 'I have costume jewelry.'  He said 'Aunty, this is not a random robbery. Just give us what we want.'"

The Tseus say the men, who were all wearing black hooded jackets, masks and gloves, took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold, jade and black pearl jewelry, and then fled.

Police are investigating. The family is offering a reward in the case.