While the new year started with a bang, the explosive noise, smoke-filled air and flash from fireworks may also be the reason for the spike in numbers of lost pets over the holidays. 

"We had six go missing, and another six calls today," said Michele Morlet with Feather and Fur Animal Hospital in Kailua.

The Hawaiian Humane Society reported more than a hundred animals were brought in or reported missing on New Year's Eve and Day, the majority of them dogs.

Animals found on the windward side of Oahu have also been brought in to the Kailua hospital.

"When someone finds a pet, they can come to us directly, and we can scan them to see if they are micro-chipped," Morlet said.

Microchips are the size of a grain of rice and can be injected into the animals. A scanner can then pick up the information registered to that chip.

"It is very important to get your pets micro-chipped," said Morlet, "and to keep that information current that is linked to the microchip."

If a pet has a collar or microchip, it may not be able to be reunited with its owner if the information hasn't been updated.

Some spent the first day of the new year shopping, while others were busy posting pictures of missing pets, or posting pictures of animals that had been found without a collar or current contact information. 

Along with making sure phone numbers are up to date, owners should also prepare for their pets' needs before the sights, sounds and smells of fireworks fill the air again.

"It is really important during New Year's and 4th of July to make sure you are aware of what your pet is doing at home," Morlet said. "Do they need tranquilizers? Do they need to go into a room where they can be kept safe and they can't run away?"