MILILANI, Hawaii - The father of the Mililani boy reported missing on Christmas Eve and found dead on Christmas morning, says he and his wife were out Christmas shopping when their 7-year-old autistic son wandered away from home and his sitter.

Paul "Kevin" Rozier's body was found floating in the backyard swimming pool of an unoccupied house on Anania Drive, less than a mile from their family home on Lahe Street.

Mother and father, Paul and Jasmine Rozier, returned home around 5 P.M. Sunday night where Kevin was nowhere to be found.

The first thing that me and my wife did, we thought O.K. maybe he left just a minute ago. Explained Paul Rozier.

They quickly alerted police and took to social media for help when they couldn't find their son. They say it
s not the first time Kevin wandered off.

Sometimes he just couldnt help it, but he always left with an objective when he found something.  I knew he probably took my Ipad because he kept re-downloading Pokemon Go. Said Rozier.

There was never an Amber Alert issued.  According to CrimeStoppers, that's only done in cases involving abduction.

Family, friends and neighbors searched through the night.  Police brought in search dogs but could never pick up his scent, so were re-called at midnight.

Rozier says even being in the army for 10 years, hes never seen a community come together so quickly to show so much support.

The entire Island has just shown us so much love and so much consideration.  I mean we had people who were totally unknown to us who were up all night on Christmas Eve looking for my baby. Said Rozier.

A Memorial has been set up at the house, owned by Allure Realty, where Kevin was found.

I went and bought some apple juice and some black popcorn because those were his favorites. Said Rozier.

Kevin leaves behind 2-year-old sister Penny.  

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