The woman believed to be behind the wheel in this weekend's deadly Hau'ula accident, had other driving "run-ins" with the law.

Two days after the deadly collision, many in this small town are still talking about the crash.

"Oh yeah, a lot of people. Because a lot of the community, with kids, sit at that bus stop," said Hau'ula resident Darlene Kauhi.

Two visitors from Oregon were at the bus stop when an SUV plowed into it.

One shopping center worker, who didn't want to be identified, described the accident scene.

"There was a loud bang and when I walked outside there were people running. There was one woman who took off her shirt and tried to help the person who was unconscious."

That woman was shopping at Long's with her sister when they heard the crash.

"it was a big cloud of smoke and we just ran over there. Fredrick was on the wall, kind of pinned and the aunty flew 5-10 feet," said Hau'ula resident Taina Aumua.

The woman was seriously injured. The 61 old man was critically hurt and unconscious on the ground.
"I took off my shirt and put pressure on his head to stop the bleeding," said Aumua.

According to police, the driver of the SUV Vika Unga veered off Kamehameha highway and slammed into water pipes along the road, a tree, as well as the couple.

"She crossed over the line gradually. It wasn't like she peeled off the road or anything," stated Aumua.

Police arrested Unga for negligent homicide. 

She has a criminal record dating back a decade, arrested for other driving offenses including driving under the influence.

"The lady that hit him was frantic, and the husband was trying to calm her down," added Aumua.

Police state Unga fled the scene and was also arrested for failure to render aid.  

Witnesses said the passenger David Kinikini claimed to be the driver, and police arrested him for hindering prosecution.

The crash now has some concerned over safety in Hau'ula, and saddened the deadly accident happened over the holidays.

"To hear this, they're on vacation. And for it happen at this time of year it is really sad. I'm heartbroken," added Kauhi.