Stores were packed this Christmas holiday weekend for one of the busiest shopping days of the year on Saturday.

The crowds of last-minute shoppers keep pouring in at the Pearlridge Center, but the people we spoke with were not panicking. They said they're enjoying their shopping experience, which is always good for business.

Adam McGuire said he flew in from Kona just to shop at Pearlridge. "It's a lot easier for me to fly and have all this stuff," he said. "We don't have this on the Big Island, so it makes it a lot easier for me."

Brandus Williams said he always waits until a few days before Christmas to shop for his wife. "I kind of always wait 'til the last minute to make sure that's what she wants," he said, "and I always try to get it out of her through conversation."

The mall's general manager Fred Paine told us that after Black Friday, sales were slow until last weekend, when nearly all of their 7,000 parking spots filled up.

Since then, business has been booming. Kona Medeiras, manager of Razor Sports and Concepts, noticed the trend as well. He said "it's been really good. It picked up a lot towards now. It's very popular here in the isllands to do things last minute, but it's only because our priorities are normally family-oriented."

Paine said that while you can't deny the influence of big online retailers like Amazon, the busy mall is encouraging and shows that brick-and-mortar retail is still holding its own. And the people we spoke to said they want to avoid the hassles associated with online shopping.

Business is expected to slow down significantly in January, but store managers told us that they'll be trying to entice bargain shoppers with some big after-Christmas sales.