A 91-year-old woman beaten and robbed inside a senior living facility in Kane'ohe Saturday has O'ahu's kupuna community sounding the alarm.
Honolulu Police still aren't sure how the suspect, a woman, got into Pohai Nani. 

On social media, the victim's family members claim the woman knocked their grandmother out, giving her a concussion then ransacked her apartment.
Once word of the attack got out, staff at 15 Craigside and Arcadia retirement communities sent letters warning residents to remain vigilant and to report suspicious activity.
Newly opened Kalakaua Gardens tells Island News its facilities are equipped with more then a hundred security cameras. Staff require residents to use a key-card to go floor to floor.  

"We have stewardship over the lives of the people that live here and they're very important to us and so we take it very seriously. One time is too many times for elderly to be hurt in our community," said General Manager, Steve Nawahine.

Resident Gene Corpuz just moved in to the facility right after Thanksgiving and says he feels safe here.

Staff say security is on site around the clock and visitors are screened.

"They actually check in at the front desk and we verify who they are and who they're trying to visit. If we don't recognize them we'll call up to the resident and find out if they're expecting a visitor," said Nawahine.

Island News reached out to Pohai Nani but have not yet heard back. Anyone with information on the case should call Crimestoppers Honolulu at 955-8300.

Police describe the suspect as average height, around 140 to 160 pounds. She was wearing a black top, jeans and black shoes at the time of the incident, police said.