WAIKIKI - New video from the Department of Land and Natural resources shows damage caused by a fishing vessel stuck on the reef in waters off Waikiki for nearly two months.

DLNR says a local salvage firm spent four days cleaning up debris and they still have a few more to go.   

This is where the Pacific Paradise was grounded for nearly two months. 

Divers say they saw broken coral and live rock on the damaged reef.

The video also shows some debris around the reef.

While it's still a work in progress the assessment from DLNR found the salvage operation was well planned and helped prevent further damage. 

Sustainable Coastlines, an environmental group dedicated to keeping our beaches clean, hopes assessors will find out how the Pacific Paradise was grounded so it does not happen again.

Local salvage firm Cates International is expected to finish clean-up around the reef in the coming days.