HONOLULU - The corner of Keeaumoku and Makaloa streets could eventually stand a 400 foot high rise. 

But in what's becoming a high-rent district, this will offer some affordable units. 

"You can have a couple, one making a little over $20,000 and the other making a little over $30,000, they can actually live in this building. You can't find a rental in this income level in the Ala Moana area at all," Council member Kymberly Pine with the Honolulu City Council said. 

Initially, those lower priced units came with a catch: residents would have to use a separate entrance from people in the higher-priced market-rate units.

In other developments, critics have called these "Poor Doors," and the Appleseed Center for Economic Justice brought this one to Councilwoman Pine.

"It did open our eyes to perceptions that could be created based on the type of unit that you have and so we're Hawaiian. We love and appreciate everyone, so we realized this is something we need to watch for. We don't want to promote that type of separation," Pine said. 

Pine says developers were not trying to create a class system and changed plans to allow everyone who lives there to use both entrances.

Under current plans, only the market-rate residents will have access to the pool.

The new plans still need approval before construction.