Kuhio Beach has been rapidly disappearing due to erosion, despite past efforts to replenish the sand. This time, officials had to think outside the box to help preserve the beaches that are the backbone of Honolulu's economy. Mayor Caldwell and his team gave an overview, Sunday, of a new test project they've been working on to combat the effects of climate change and rising water levels. 

     "What we've done here is we've placed what we call a sand mattress down and we've filled it with sand and put sand on top, " announced Mayor Caldwell at Sundays press conference. 

     This is the first time this erosion control mattress technology is being used in Hawaii. Geologist Dolan Eversole says he first saw this technology while at a conference in Florida. He and his team decided Kuhio Beach Park would be the perfect place to try it because of the building foundation that has emerged in the sand, and also a clay bank that has caused muddy conditions in the water.

     City officials say the geo-synthetic materials for the 90-foot long mattress cost around $3000. It's designed to blend in with the beach and the texture feels like velcro so its good for walking on. The team says there are no known pollutants or negative side effects from the mattress. And if it works well, they will install more in Waikiki.