Students at Washington Middle School are sending Christmas ornaments to kids in Puerto Rico - many who lost everything after Hurricane Maria pummeled through. 

Miss Joyce Brubaker's 8th grade class is pitching in to help by making more than a hundred sand and seashell-filled ornaments.

A hand-written message of hope is tied to each one. 

The act of kindness is turning out to be a lesson in empathy and understanding. 

The school told Island News, more than half of the students live in at or near poverty level. 

Still, they each donated a dollar to help make Christmas bright for kids in Puerto Rico. 

"Even though we're like, not so rich and wealthy, we can still support them so they can have a better day," Kenneth Eaton, 8th grader said. 

"On the front, I said stay strong, people from Hawaii love you. And on the back, I put Mele Kalikimaka," Trista Silva, 8th grader said. 

"I think because of Puerto Rico, that students should be grateful. It's so easy to get everything taken away from you. So every day, just be thankful for what you have," Jalyssa Garcia, 8th grader said. 

It's been three months since Hurricane Maria and 35-percent of Puerto Rico is still without power. These ornaments will likely be the only Christmas gift some of them will open. 

The school will ship them to Puerto Rico this weekend.