Public schools statewide are serving locally grown beef in school lunches this month.

Students, teachers and faculty ate teri loco moco at Kalani High School Friday, made from locally grown meat.

About 18,000 pounds of local ground beef was also used to make teri hamburger steak for elementary and middle school students.

"It's always good to support local businesses and to always help our own community also," Priscilla, Kalani High School senior said.  

"It's also really good that we know where our food is coming from now. Being knowledgeable about where your food comes from is really important in making the right decisions in your diet," Ryder, Kalani High School senior said. 

The State Department of Education hopes to serve local fresh bananas in school starting next month.

Their long term goal is to increase overall local produce from 20 percent to 40 percent statewide.