HONOLULU - Fix our roads...  That's a statement Mayor Kirk Caldwell is used to hearing.

"I live in Manoa, every time I go to Safeway or Longs, they say okay mayor you couldn't do it in your first year, your second year, third, fourth but we're really mad it's the fifth year," Caldwell said. 

He has heard the complaints, that's why his crews are still going.

Paving mile after mile.

"It should never be allowed again to get to the point where it was when we came into office," Caldwell said. 

Contractors are nearing 1,800 paved lane miles, that's more than half of all city roads on Oahu.

It's also more than the city set out to do.

Contractors are currently re-paving all of St. Louis Heights Drive.

Work there is expected to be completed by this coming summer.

If roads in your neighborhood hasn't been helped yet, the city's projects will continue.

The mayor announced Aiea Heights, Campbell Industrial Park, Kalaeloa and Downtown are on the list for 2018.

"All of those roads in town are pretty bad, Bishop street, King street in front of the hale, Merchant, Queen, Halekauila, we'll be doing those too," Caldwell said. 

The Mayor also pointed out while the city's $550 million worth of re-paving projects will continue, they can't pave all of Oahu's roads as freeways and many highways belong to the State.

"Anything with the word way in it, highway, freeway is usually not a city road," he said.