HONOLULU - Hawaii's only Volvo dealership has shut its doors leaving employees in a state of uncertainty.

The last remaining employees spoke to Island News about the confusion they are left with. 

Volvo's national office terminated its franchise agreement with the local Volvo dealership, Envy Hawaii. And now Envy has no license to sell its cars. The two sides have been involved in a legal battle for almost a year now, accusing each other of breach of contract.

After news of the franchise termination, dealership employees walked off the job except for Kelly Kuga, who says she promised to stay until the end. 

But with no clear answers about the future of Envy Hawaii, Kuga's livelihood is at risk

"Right now I don't know. I'm just thinking of the holidays and trying to make it merry for my family," said an emotional Kuga.

And it's not just the employees in need of answers, Envy's general manager John Martinho says customers are also left in the dark. 

"Unfortunately we haven't been able to give our customers an answer. I totally understand the customers frustrations, " said Martinho. "They spent a lot of money on these vehicles."

As of now all, Envy's customers who need anything are being told to call Volvo's customer service number at 1-800-458-1552.

Martinho says that he hopes to provide better answers to employees and customers once the two sides enter mediation next week.