In a statement issued to Island News, Kendall and Jenell Elderts said:

"Our family remains determined and hopeful that Kollin will get the justice that he deserves. We will only be satisfied when his murderer is convicted and serves time in prison for the cowardly act of killing an unarmed and innocent young man. Carrying and using his service weapon while out drinking in Waikiki is unacceptable. Until this “above the law” attitude is changed, we are all at risk for this happening to our loved ones."

According to Dr. Kalama Niheu, The Elderts have been suffering with depression since their son was shot and killed by Christopher Deedy six years ago. 

"They've had to witness their son, their brother being murdered over and over again both in the media and in the videos in the courts in the trials that's been happening," said Niheu. 

This time around they're hopeful the charge of manslaughter sticks, after the first two murder trials ended in a hung jury. 

"They've always believed manslaughter should be the charge originally not because they believe their son wasn't murdered, but if you look at the supreme court cases that have been established in the past, it's almost impossible to convict a law enforcement agent especially of murder," said Niheu.