Hawaiian Airline's outgoing CEO says the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport isn't  "adequate to fit the community" and needs to be modernized.

The airline's newly completed hangar is the first step of that process.

The new 43,000 cargo and maintenance facility for Hawaiian Airlines has been seven years in the making. 

"It's a big deal in a couple of respects. One, the maintenance facility that we were operating out of was built in the 1960s and has long since not been adequate for the work that we need to do. This really gives our mechanics the ability to work outside of the elements when there are certain things we need to do to keep the airplanes flying safety and ready for our guests. We're really excited to be able to move into a proper, modern facility," Peter Ingram, Chief Commercial Officer, future CEO of Hawaiian Airlines said. 

The new hangar is the first step in the modernization process of the airport. 

"Building this facility was very crucial because the airport system is landlocked. We needed to tear down buildings before we could do other things as we move forward. So it's a matter of sequencing. Now that it's built, we can go ahead and expand the taxiways so the AirBus 330, which is back here, will actually be able to get down to the next phase, which is the mauka terminal modernization," Ford Fuchigami, with the governor's office said. 

Gov. Ige is finally backing an airport corporation, the next step is a bill before the legislature. 

"Gov. Ige's goal for us is to move this project along. Obviously the airport system is very crucial to the hospitality industry, and because of that, we'll be working very hard to go and pass that bill this session," Fuchigami said.