PEARL CITY, Hawaii - Santa Claus has never met a child he doesn't love or one he can't communicate with.

If they're deaf, or hard of hearing, no problem.

"He speaks whatever language the kids speak. When he comes here, the kids are deaf..he's deaf. He communicates with them just like they communicate. If you speak Spanish, Santa speaks Spanish. If you speak another language, that's what Santa speaks," the event spokesperson said. 

9-year-old Novema Leanao lost her hearing when she was 18 months old and her wish list is simple: she wants a pink ball from Santa. 

Her mom is delighted to see her signing with St. Nick.

"I love it. I would never change anything about her. No matter what. Sign language is like our third language now," Arieta Leaeno, Novema 's mother said.

Same goes for 4th grader Kaileh Slide, she took the opportunity to tell Santa she wants an American Boy Doll for christmas.

"Cuz the boy one it's new and it's cute," Slide said. 

Interpreting elves were there lend a helping hand.

And as a special treat, deaf Taiko drummers performed.

The 26th annual Deaf Santa is also the largest education opportunity for deaf students statewide.