No doubt it is tough being a single parent, especially in Hawaii.

In Tuesday's Adopt a Family, meet Levi and learn how you can make his family's time a special one. 

At an age when young men are changing jobs, Levi is changing diapers.   

The 26 year old is a single father, taking care of his two little girls.

They were homeless but now live at Ohana Ola O Kahumana, a transitional housing program in Waianae.

"Oh I mean it's hard. It's something I deal with but over come it cuz where you like one better life too," Levi said. 

He is currently not working but is hoping to find a job soon. In the meantime, he's taking care of his family.  

"It's very stressful but I like it better for than two. I love my kids. I don't want them lost from me," Levi said. 

And he adores his babies. 

Lexi is six months old and is clearly in heaven when she's in dad's arms.

3-year-old Taysha-Lee loves school, her dad and her baby sister.    

It may seem like much for any single parent. But Levi says he has built up a support system of sorts at Ohana Ola O Kahumana.

"My neighbors really help a lot. I'm glad I met them, they're a really big help," Levi said. 

He admits it's tough everyday but especially during the holidays.  

He's happy to have his two children to take care of and he's hoping for just a little help with the basics for the holiday season. 

"It's real hard but in the end, it's all going to work out," Levi said. 

He is asking for a new bed for baby Lexi and any kind of baby essentials: diapers, wipes and toys.

Taysha-Lee wants barbie dolls and toys.

They all would appreciate clothes and shoes.

If you have an opening as a laborer, Levi would appreciate a job. 

Call the Island News Adopt a Family line at 440-3800 if you'd like to adopt Levi and his girls.