HONOLULU - This time of year, family comes first.

You spend time with your family, buy gifts for them and appreciate the positives in your life.

Same goes for the people Island News have been featuring in our Adopt-a-Family segment this week.

Peace, gratefulness and happiness sums up Jardine's life. But life hasn't always been that way.

Her daughter, Jaylee-Rose was born with a heart condition: rapid heart beat. She visited the hospital dozens of times. 

They were homeless and living in their van. But the single mom did what she had to do.

"It was tough, it was sometimes very difficult and I didn't want help because I knew I had to do it. While we were in the van, she was in and out of the hospital, basically staying in the ER parking lot sleeping. But they're safe. It was hard but we did it," Jardine said. 

Catholic Charities stepped in.

With the help of her church, Jardine was able to take the girls to San Francisco, where Jaylee-Rose underwent life saving surgery.   

"This is where we were sleeping at the Ronald McDonald House and this is when we went to the San Francisco Zoo," Jaylee-Rose said.  

"Five months of no meds and I'm happy. I am so grateful after seven years, it's a big big breakthrough, I'm just so happy," Jardine said. 

Jaylee-Rose is getting stronger every day.

"After the surgery, I'm feeling pretty good," Jaylee-Rose said. 

She added she feels better 100 percent. 

Things are finally falling into place and they are celebrating their first Christmas in a place to call home.

Jaylee-Rose wants to be a cardiologist. She loves science and would like a science composition set or a spy kit.

Teralee wants a baby alive doll. 

Mom would appreciate converse shoes size 8 and a footcare kit.

If you'd like to share the spirit of the holidays with Jardine and her family, call the Adopt-a-family line at 440-3800.