Was is it murder in Ma'ili? As they grieve, Wai'anae family members want an answer to that question and more.

A young man's body was found at a Waianae beach Tuesday morning. So far, Honolulu police have classified the case an an unattended death. Family members say that young man is Dustin Molina, and now they are asking for help to find out what happened, before they have to bury their loved one.
The soothing sounds of the ocean can not wash away the pain for the family of Dustin Molina.

"My family is at a loss for words and we really just want an answer. Please someone come forward and help us," said Dustin's cousin Chasity Kanamu.
What family members do know is the body of 18 year old Molina was found at Maili beach early Tuesday morning. Badly beaten according to Kanamu, and left to die along the coast where nearby family members live. 

"My cousin was left on the reef like trash, within a mile radius of our family."

 HPD is waiting for autopsy results to determine if a homicide took place. But there are rumors, Dustin's death began with a brawl at the beach. 

"It didn't have to escalate like this. It didn't have to end like this."

Dustin recently graduated from Waianae High School, his family called him humble, happy and an avid hunter.

"Kind of just figuring out life, enjoying it right now. Not trying to grow up too fast, just being a kid. It is sad it was taken from him."

Police have not said if they are looking for a suspect or have a person of interest in their investigation, but family members feel someone knows what happened the night before Dustin's body was found.
"We're asking for that peace of mind, for those answers. So we can lay him to rest peacefully, without unanswered questions."

Throughout the day, family gathered at Maili beach. Even though this is the beach where Dustin died, his family felt it was important for them to come and see it for themselves.

"Just knowing a part of him is here and will always be here. We don't have him physically, but we have him spiritually, in our hearts, in our emotions. Coming here gives us a little bit of life. This was the last place he was. We will come here to remember...always." 

The Molina family is asking anyone with information to contact them on social media, so they can get some closure. Already many along the Leeward Coast have shared what they have heard or what they know.