HONOLULU - Honolulu Police continue to ask for the public's help after a police officer slams into a pedestrian on the H1 freeway.

The bizarre incident has many on Oahu confused.

"What would a man be doing running on the freeway knowing that the freeway is dangerous? Cars pass there every day and if you get hit, who's going to blamed?" Willey Mangrobang, Waikiki resident trying to rationalize said.  

Mangrobang's reaction to what happened on the H1 Saturday night is similar to what many other drivers are asking as well. 

Around 6 p.m. that night, HPD says a 57-year-old man darted in to westbound traffic and was struck by an on duty police officer driving an SUV. 

The incident occurred just before the H2 exit and snarled traffic for hours. 

The officer, a 23-year veteran is assigned at Pearl City police station and is currently on paid leave. 

"We've been checking on him and he seems to be doing fine for now but obviously he is quite concerned," Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said. 

Speed and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash. It's unclear if the pedestrian was under the influence.

The area where the man was hit isn't directly located near any homes or businesses.

Wanda Sitani can't even imagine what it would be like if she was behind the wheel. 

"Anybody, it could've happened to me, it could've happened to you... If I was a driver, I would be shaken up, I would feel bad and wouldn't get in my car for a while," Sitani said.

This isn't the first time a freeway fatality involved a pedestrian. 

In September, a 69-year-old homeless man died after a car slammed into him in the middle of the freeway in Kapolei. 

Police believed he was living in a nearby encampment. 

No word yet if Saturday's victim was homeless. 

This is the 42nd traffic fatality on Oahu in 2017, compared to 51 the same time last year. 

"Be safe out there and just be careful, think before you do things because your actions can change a person's life forever," Mangrobang said.