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Crews prepare to get rid of the large fishing vessel off Kaimana Beach reef

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The Pacific Paradise ran aground on the reefs at Kaimana Beach. Crews are preparing to get rid of the large commercial fishing vessel, which comes as a relief to many beach goers.

The boat has been stuck on the reef since October 10, nearly two months ago. 

People Island News spoke to Friday were very concerned, not only because they feel it is an eye sore, but because it's harmful to marine life. 

State crews started to survey the damage to the reef this week. 

Crews will be working through the night to add water and foam to improve the buoyancy before getting ready to tow the boat 13 miles off shore Saturday. 

The coast guard spokesperson explained why it has taken nearly two months to finally remove it. 

"It's a challenge, this is a very sensitive environment, it's very difficult to work in because it is beautiful but it's also extremely shallow, it's very close to shore and it's in a surf zone. There's coral around that, means the bottom is not just a smooth sandy bottom that's easy to deal with," Sarah Muir, Coast Guard spokesperson said. 

Crews will try to tow the boat during high tide just before 3 p.m. 

Once it's moved, it'll be taken to an area offshore, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to be sunk 1,800 feet below.

The cold deep location will hopefully keep the pollutants contained on the vessel. 

A reminder: there is a 500 feet safety zone and flight restriction around the boat.

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