HONOLULU - On December 10, 2017, runners will take to the streets of Honolulu to start their race.

Just like the athletes train for months to prepare for the 26-mile trek across the island, organizers have been planning since last year to make sure this year's race is better than ever.

This year, 27,000 people have entered the race, 14,000 Japanese runners and16 of the world's fastest elite runners will compete for the grand prize.

In addition to the Marathon, there are also two other races coinciding with Marathon Weekend.

The Kalakaua Merrie Mile is a fun one-mile race around Waikiki on Saturday, December 9 and the Start to The Park is a new 10K race that starts at the same time and place as the full marathon and finishes 10 kilometers into the course at Kapiolani Park.

Putting this all together is a synchronized team of volunteers, race support is provided by the more than 10,000 volunteers who line the course.

They'll be handing out about 320 thousand water-filled cups during race week.

Add to that the security detail. Honolulu Marathon president Dr. James Barahal says hundreds of security personnel are being brought in again this year.

"Well we start with the special duty police which we hire, that's about 400 and that's just really the beginning of some of the security. There are many agencies out there, many security measures," Barahal said. 

What does it take to conduct a world-class marathon? Lots of people and a year's worth of planning.

*CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story gave an inaccurate estimate of the number of cups used for the race.